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Photo of Glenn WilliamsonThe dynamic relationship between Arizona and Canada has a long and fascinating history. Early on, Canadian visitors discovered winters in the “Sonora Desert” and Arizona’s agricultural bounty has, for decades, made its way north, while Canadian lumber has made its way to Arizona to fuel the construction industry for decades.

Arizona’s growth has propelled it to become one of the fastest growing states in the U.S., with a population increase of 40% since 1990. Canada is the largest foreign direct investor in the State of Arizona, and Bilateral trade and services between Canada and Arizona has evolved into a staggering 4.4 billion dollars annually, excluding tourism. A vibrant new trade paradigm has emerged. Eclipsing the traditional markets of tourism and agriculture, it now encompasses Aerospace, Mining, Finance, and Automotive industries, as well as advanced research and development. The total Canada/Arizona bilateral footprint in 2014 was larger than 6 billion dollars and growing, with more than a million Canadians visiting in 2016, spending more than a billion dollars a year. There are now approximately 176 nonstop direct flights a week between Canada and Arizona.

The Canada Arizona Business Council was formed to promote and increase bilateral Foreign Direct Investment, Trade, and Tourism between Canada and Arizona. The CABC brings together senior players in every industry on both sides of the border. Our networking capability assures “one degree of separation” from the decision makers in any field. These business leaders are the CEOs, Presidents, entrepreneurs, and professionals who will achieve our goals. Membership is limited to 125 members.

Simply stated, the CABC facilitates business marriages at the decision maker level.

We heartily invite you to browse our site and learn more about our private sector group. If you have business on either side of the border that you want to start, grow, or refine, consider aligning with our powerhouse council.

I look forward to talking business with you,

R. Glenn Williamson
Founder and CEO