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Arizona State International Employment Summary 2017

Below you will find he most recent state-wide summary of International employers in the State of Arizona. The following link is an incredible tool to look into the data in detail with wonderful graphics:

RankCountryNumber of Employees

2United Kingdom16,980

International Companies in Arizona

The Maricopa Association of Governments and the City of Phoenix just finished an evaluation of International Companies operating in the Phoenix metro area. Canada came out as the #1 Country in the top 10 countries (see chart below). This data is primarily driven by employment and does not include the Canadian investment in the region, which is very significant as well. It is a subset of the 350+ Canadian companies operating in the State of Arizona. This has happened mostly in the last 10 years, and we see it continuing to occur. Our belief is that the company number could hit 500 Canadian Companies operating in the State of Arizona with the majority in the Phoenix metro area within the next 3 years.


Economic Changes in Canada

The chart below gives an idea of what is happening economically in Canada. The GDP numbers represent how recent global energy issues have changed certain provinces outlooks, specifically how hard Alberta was hit, and how British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec are relatively stable. Arizona has been seeing a lot of activity from Ontario and Quebec in the last couple of years, which has mitigated the slowdown from Alberta.