Bridget Argana Hope

Director of Communications

Bridget Argana Hope is a marketing and communications strategist, who has been consulting with national and international businesses for over 25+ years. Her skills in business development and international affairs developed when she was in her position at the Arizona Department of Commerce in the International Trade Division. From there she continued to use her knowledge and innate creativity to bring international brand awareness to clients like Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction, Scottsdale Waterfront, Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, and many others. Bridget has assisted hundreds of clients in managing real estate sales, real estate development, public relations, website creation, social media, event marketing, content strategy, technical writing, brand launches, awareness, and in every realm of marketing with great success. Her experience has led her to developing, managing and communicating successful client campaigns on all levels and all sizes of companies. She is honored to be contracted by the Canada Arizona Business Council as the Director of Communications, where she will facilitate internal and external communications for the organization and all of its projects.