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The Canada Arizona Business Council is an exclusive peer-to-peer network of executives who operate at the highest levels of the private and public sectors.  The CABC believes in inclusion and diversity and strives to exemplify best practices and lead by example. Our annual non-profit event, Wings & Wheels Scottsdale, donates tens of thousands of dollars every year to charities that support both Canadian and American active military and veterans.

We are a transaction-oriented group where results are valued and members help each other obtain their business goals. This philosophy assures each member of one degree of separation with decision makers in any field on either side of the border. Membership lists are not published or sold to anyone.  If you are an engaged industry player, and would like to inquire if any of our limited membership seats are open, please email us.

R. Glenn Williamson

CEO and Founder

Holly Estrada Mechsner

Executive Director

Karen Williamson

Executive Producer
Wings & Wheels Scottsdale

Bridget Argana Hope

Director of Communications