Holly Estrada Mechsner

Executive Director

Holly Estrada Mechsner is an international executive with a broad background in corporate finance, management, marketing, business consulting and is a global data compliance professional. Her extensive background varies from start-ups to international companies, which led her to her current position as Founder and CEO of Global Executive Compliance. As a consultant, she assesses, recommends and creates an overall data compliance plan, including updating existing platforms for small to mid-size companies. Mechsner ’s dynamic mix of global experience, management and people skills, as well as her solid business sense, have made her a highly reputable leader both locally and internationally.

Mechsner currently is contracted by the Canada Arizona Business Council (CABC) in the position of the Executive Director. This contracted position is responsible for the recruitment of new members, maintain existing member relationships, organizing and implementing all member meetings, and includes supporting the non-profit’s mission to increase bilateral trade between Canada and Arizona through its many initiatives.