Holly Estrada Mechsner

Executive Director

With a broad background in corporate finance, foreign languages and hospitality, Holly Estrada Mechsner brings a dynamic mix of global awareness, business sense and people skills to the table. Early in her career she was employed almost a decade with one of the largest investment firms in the country, where she worked with high net worth clients on investment strategies, which enhanced their portfolios, ensured compliance, and increased participation.

In March 2002 she left the corporate world in order to complete her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. While attending school she also held senior management roles with companies in international markets. It was this work that led her into compliance on a global scale.

She is the Founder and CEO of Global Executive Compliance, a privately held firm that operates on a global scale creating new compliance procedures for international companies, as well as updating existing platforms. She holds a number of Directorships, including the Canada Arizona Business Council, a nonprofit organization that works to increase bilateral trade between Canada and Arizona. She is also a member of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council’s International Leadership Council, an advisory board composed of leaders who have solid international connections or already do business globally.  She serves as a member of the Arizona Community Collaborative, is on the advisory board of ASU’s Technology Entrepreneurship & Management group, and is also on the board of the Arizona Coyotes Foundation.

Ms. Mechsner currently lives in Scottsdale and spends her free time with her family and volunteering with Boy Scouts of America and Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue.